Treatment of Jaundice
Treatment of Jaundice

Treatment of Jaundice

Initially when the disease (Jaundice) is minor, then it is not known. When it takes on a radical look, then this disease will have a direct effect on the body.  The main cause of jaundice is the weakening of the digestive system. The effect of jaundice’s disease affects the body to become blood, thereby reducing blood loss in the body. In this disease, if negligence happens, it becomes black jaundice which can be a life-threatening disease. You can treat jaundice with old or new domestic home remedies and Ayurvedic medicines. To get rid of this disease is also necessary to avoid treatment and as soon as you see the symptoms of jaali, start treatment. Jaundice is of three types.

Hepatitis C (Black jaundice), Hepatitis B and Hepatitis A.

Causes of Jaundice

By having an infection
Liver weakness
With the lack of blood in the body
By cutting off the road, eating open and contaminated things

Symptoms of jaundice

Its symptoms do not appear in the beginning, but when the disease increases, then the patient’s eyes and nails become yellow, apart from this urine begins to yellow and the food does not digest properly. Apart from this, there are some other signs that can identify jaundice.

  • Fever
  • Headache
  • Eye pain
  • Loss of appetite
  • Vomiting and jam
  • Weakness and early fatigue

What To Eat Or Not Eat In Jaundice

Diet During Jaundice
Diet During Jaundice

Drink fresh fruit juices
Avoid consuming hot things.
Do not turn back and relax.
In this disease, pepper should be avoided in jaundice with spicy, fenugreek, sweets, urad dal and fried food.
Eat food that easily digested digestion and liver, such as boiled potatoes, porridge, glucose, khichdi, papaya, good, chicken, lassi, and radish.

Regular Tips

  • The lemon juice is very beneficial in jaundice. Patients suffering from jaundice should drink lemon juice daily from fifteen to twenty mill two times three times a day. It is also good to drink lemon juice and drink.
  • Tomato use is also a good solution to repair joints. Mixing salt and some black pepper in a glass of tomato juice and drinking empty stomach in the morning helps in a miraculous way.
  • Use of onion is extremely useful in the treatment of jaundice. Peel the onions, finely chop them, add black pepper, little black salt and lemon juice to it and take it out in the morning every evening.
    Grate the juice by grinding green leaves of fresh mud and then filter it and drink it. With this remedy, the weakness of the patient’s liver is removed, the stomach gets cleansed and it starts to feel hungry.
    The patient of Jandis should drink fresh sugarcane juice every day, which provides quick relief from jaundice.
  • Grind three to four buds of garlic and take it with milk, it is treated with the root of jaundice and the liver gets strength.
  • Keep gram dal soaked in water at night. Take out the water from it in the morning and eat jaggery and eat it. Jondis is relieved to do this prescription for a few days in a row.

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