Treatment of Typhoid Fever

Typhoid Treatment
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Treatment of Typhoid

This antidote also spreads in the form of an epidemic. The bacteria of this disease go into the stomach through the mouth and accumulate in the small intestine as a bunch, due to which the flick continues for a long time, hence it has also been termed as mild fever or monstrous fever. This disease(Typhoid) is also caused by excessive exhaustion of the body, excessive fasting, being in confused places and in contact with contaminated stools and eating contaminated substances. Damage to the large intestine and small intestine. Spleen and liver are also affected. In the blood and lymph glands and septic urine, bacteria of this disease are also found. Due to this, there is inflammation of the body, the patient is confused, there are vomiting and thirst

Take care to eat food.
Take special care of cleaning the sofas.
The patient should do more comfort while fever.
If there is a high fever then put one cloth in cold water and keep it on the forehead, this reduces the chance of brain fever.

Symptoms of Typhoid

Symptoms of Typhoid
Symptoms of Typhoid

In typhoid or intravenous fever, persistent fever with intestinal disorder remains the spleen increases. Hives on the body also come out. The small intestine is swollen in the membrane, it gets wound.

Typhoid Treatment

Typhoid Treatment
Typhoid Treatment

Often people stop medicines after resting in a couple of days, but it is wrong to do so. To completely eliminate the typhoid bacteria, it is important to complete the course. If you want to treat typhoid allopathy, then do not take any medicines without the advice of a doctor. If there is a symptom of typhoid, first do a doctor checkup and start the treatment only after the test. If problems are increasing due to the fever, then take a tablet of paracetamol.

If thirst and inflammation are high, seasonal juice should be given once or twice a day.

Supplements should be provided to the lean proteins and vitamins.

Do not rush to remove fever.

Focus on the safety of heart, brain, and intestines.

In the second week of the zoster, there is a tendency of constipation, so anemia can be given by glycerin.

Drinking water on the chest also clears the stools.

Milk is the best diet for the patient. If milk is not digested then the water of torn milk should be given.

Water should be given in the glucose by boiling the patient from time to time. Gradually the quantity of milk should be increased in the fourth week.

Sabudana etc. can be consumed.

Eat light food which is easy to digest.
Apple, chikoo, papaya, fruits, moong dal khichdi, eat milk
Avoid cold drinks, coffee, tea, spicy junk food, and smoking.

Drinking juice of basil and sunflower leaves also provides relief from typhoid fever.
Ginger and basil tea are beneficial in reducing typhoid. Boil a little ginger, basil leaves, cinnamon and black pepper in water and add sugar in it and take it.
Tulsi’s tea is also effective in the treatment of colds and colds.

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